Primele vehicule electrice sub 10000 de dolari

ZENN Motor Company, o companie canadiana ce are ca scop fabricarea automobilelor electrice, a redus pretul automobilului electric cu acelasi nume la numai 9.995 de dolari. Oferta este valabila pana in data de 30 iunie prin intermediul a 40 de dealeri din Statele Unite ale Americii. Zenn este un vehicul electric alimentat de acumulatorii litiu ion cu o autonomie de 35 de mile (56 kilometri). Constructia este mult mai simpla decat a unui automobil obisnuit iar operatiunile de intretinere minime. In calea succesului automobilului canadian se afla doua lucruri. Primul ar fi costul prea mare al acumulatorilor care trebuiesc inlocuiti la fiecare 5 ani iar al doilea autonomia extrem de redusa pe timp de iarna in conditiile in care este folosita incalzirea in habitaclu.


Comunicatul de presa (in limba engleza)
TORONTO, ON – April 7, 2009 – ZENN Motor Company, a leading developer of zero emission transportation solutions, is pleased to announce it will offer the 2009 All-Electric ZENN Car for an unprecedented price of $9,995 under its Ambassador Program through a combination of an innovative product Ambassador rebate program and a one time federal tax credit. This offer is available through June 30th, 2009 from the Company’s network of 40 retailers throughout the United States. 
ZMC has seen from its early product deliveries that the ZENN creates excitement wherever it goes. In exchange for Ambassadors efforts to promote the ZENN in their communities and sharing their experiences with the Company, they are provided with a $4,750 rebate that can be immediately applied at point-of-purchase. Customers who sign up for the program at time of purchase will receive a tool kit that includes a ZENN hat, ZENN t-shirt, and promotional literature. They also participate in an online ownership survey and feedback questionnaires during the first three months of ownership.
Dennis Hancock, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, is a firm believer in the Ambassador Program. „We have always had a base of enthusiastic owners who are passionate advocates for ZENN and for electric vehicles in general. This program provides them with an opportunity to purchase a vehicle below Retailer cost in exchange for their grass roots advocacy of sustainable transportation solutions.” 
The program’s pricing structure is as follows: 
ZENN MSRP $15,995
Ambassador Rebate: -$4,750
Federal Tax Credit -$1,250 
Total Cost to Customer $9,995
(This price excludes delivery fees, sales tax and optional accessories) 
ZENN’s Ambassador pricing makes it the least expensive all-weather Neighborhood Electric Vehicle in the market today, nearly $2,000 dollars less than the ZAP, and about $10,000 lower than other some other NEVs in the marketplace. 
The ZENN is a fully equipped, neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) with a range of up to 35 miles that recharges using a standard 120 volt electric outlet in as little as four hours. The ZENN is far less complex than a conventional car or a hybrid, with significantly fewer parts. There is no oil to change and no emission standards to meet, no exhaust and almost no maintenance. The cost of operating a ZENN is just over two cents per mile (fuel efficiency is equivalent to 280 miles per gallon) and the cars are typically very inexpensive to insure. The low cost of operating a ZENN, the low initial purchase price, and its exceptionally small carbon footprint deliver guilt-free savings for years to come.

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  1. Nu prea vad care e fraierul sa dea 10000 de dolari pe o masina ca asta. Nu poti sa mergi 50 de kilometri si pe urma sa stai 6 ore sa se incarce rabla. Mai bine mergi cu un Opel Astra vechi de 10 ani, cel putin stii ca ai autonomie practic nelimitata, e mai spatios, mai puternic, etc.

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