Baterii mai puternice pentru Prius

Troy, o companie mai putin cunoscuta din Statele Unite ale Americii a lansat pe piata nord americana un set de baterii performante pentru Toyota Prius. Compania cu sediul in Michigan ofera baterii cu o putere de 2KW pentru numai 1.995USD in timp ce un set de 4KW costa 2.995USD. Acumulatorii sunt perfect compatibili cu sistemul electronic de gestionare al energiei montat pe Prius fara a afecta instalatia electrica a automobilului.
Sursa suplimentara de energie transforma automobilul intr-un vehicul exclusiv electric ce poate fi incarcat la priza pentru distante scurte.

Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius

Comunicatul de presa (in limba engleza):
Michigan Firm Develops Lower-Price Plug-in Prius Kit
SYNOPSIS: 2 kWh version costs $1995 and a 4 kWh version sells for $2995
Troy, MI – While the big auto companies are still trying to bring to market the high mileage vehicles that the public is clamoring for, a small Troy company, joint ventured with Australian-Chinese owned manufacturers has already achieved the holy grail of achieving 100 mpg. The highly touted GM Volt, which is expected to come to market in 2010, has a rumored cost of $40,000 and will reportedly go 40 miles before needing to have its batteries recharged. Enginer has created the best of both worlds by using a hybrid and adding advanced battery technology, increasing range dramatically. The battery conversion from Enginer comes in two versions, a 2 kWh version which costs $1995 and a 4 kWh version which sells for $2995. At these prices the payback period is about two to five years. Competitors’ units cost from $12-14,000.
Jack Chen, President of Automation Tech, Enginer’s exclusive distributor in North America says, „With this system, we can improve the Prius’ fuel efficiency by 40-100%.” Chen says the system can also be used in other hybrid vehicles and the company is seeking to work with the big auto companies to have their technology installed at the factory, instead of as an add-on. Automation Tech is also developing other energy saving technologies which offer exceptional opportunities for investors in these times of rising costs for energy and high demand for innovative solutions.
According to the Enginer web site the system is much simpler and less intrusive than competitors’ products. it doesn’t alter original vehicle’s control algorithm and design specification and can be installed by a professional installer in 2-4 hours and by a do-it-yourselfer in about 8 hours. With many experts saying that we have reached peak oil, oil prices will continue to rise, and having a vehicle that can get up to 100 mpg will help Americans afford to keep driving, even with high gas prices. There are already over 1 million hybrids on the road and by using plug-in conversion kits, such as those offered by Automation Tech, Inc, consumers can start realizing the benefits of a plug-in hybrid without waiting for the major manufacturers to bring their products to market.
If the Enginer system is installed in a new vehicle at a dealer, it will also qualify for the tax credit under the recently passed Recovery Act. The credit that applies gives the purchaser a $2500 tax credit from the federal government.
Enginer is also looking for auto dealers to serve as installation locations and business partners to help in either product distribution or speeding their overall expansion.

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