Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Announces New Designs, Crowdstorming Document and Core Tea

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. powered by JumpStartFund announced today the crossing of major milestones, bringing the company closer to the goal of creating a working high speed mass transit system. These milestones include the finalization of the company’s 100 core team members and the publishing of a new crowdstorm document.
Recently acquiring its 100 core team members, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is powered by the unique collaboration platform JumpStartFund. These 100 members are professionals, engineers and designers from some of the most esteemed organizations on the planet, including Boeing, Airbus, NASA, Harvard, UCLA, Stanford, and others, collaborating globally in the U.S., Asia, Australia and Europe.
The company released a new crowdstorm document expanding on concepts and sharing the most recent developments produced by the company. Highlights from the paper include a detailed cost, route and safety analyses.

„This document updates the public at large while allowing us to brainstorm with the crowd on other innovative solutions,” said JumpStartFund CEO Dirk Ahlborn. „We believe crowdstorm initiatives like this one represent the future of how big ideas will become reality.”

In August of 2013, famed entrepreneur Elon Musk presented his concept for The Hyperloop to the world in a white paper posted on the Tesla Motors and SpaceX blogs, asking the global tech community to step up to make the project a reality. JumpStartFund heeded the call and soon after announced the formation of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. on its unique crowdsource platform which contracts with top professionals in relevant industries to develop and bring projects from concept to reality.

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