Honda MC-β , un automobil electric pentru transport urban

Honda a prezentat recent la Tokyo un automobil electric de mici dimensiuni destinat transportului urban. Honda MC-β preia dimensiunile și funcționalitatea dovedită de Renault Twizy fără a excela la capitolul autonomie.
Honda MC-β are numai 400 de kilograme (fără baterii) și ar putea fi condus în oraș de persoanele ce posedă permis categoria B1.
Honda MC-β este versiunea îmbunătățită a vechiului Micro Commuter, prezentat anul trecut. Versiunea beta păstrează cele două locuri în tandem și ceva spațiu pentru bagaje. Masina este echipată cu un motor electric de 6KW ce asigură o viteză maximă de 70 km/h.

Automobil Honda MC Beta
Honda MC Beta

Honda MC-β este o soluție viabilă pentru traficul urban. Autonomia trece de 80 de kilometri iar încărcarea completă se poate face în 3 ore de la o priză obișnuită.
Mai jos puteți găsi comunicatul de presă și specificațiile tehnice.
TOKYO, Japan, November 19, 2013 – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today unveiled the MC-β, a new micro-sized short-distance EV commuter developed in consideration of the vehicle categories for micro-sized mobility products that are currently being discussed under the initiative of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan as well as the L7* category in Europe.
Honda will provide the MC-β for separate field tests started this month, jointly conducted with Kumamoto Prefecture, Saitama City, and Miyakojima City in Japan. In these field tests, Honda and each partner will explore desirable usage patterns and needs for micro-sized mobility products as a part of a social system that will help promote city planning and address issues related to transportation of people in each community.
•Key features of MC-β
In the pursuit of Honda’s philosophy for automobile design that puts the first priority on space for people, the MC-β provides cabin space that fits two adults comfortably as well as utility space inside the micro-sized body through adoption of an „offset seat layout.”
The micro-sized body, which is approximately 90 cm shorter than the body of a typical mini-vehicle, realized a minimum turning radius as short as 3.3 m to achieve outstanding ease-of-handling. Moreover, the MC-β features nimble driving performance unique to Honda EVs, offering a comfortable drive in a wide range of road conditions.
The pipe frame body, which represents the application of motorcycle technology, realized a lightweight and yet rigid body.
The use of a plastic outer panel made possible a bold exterior design, embodying a friendly design loved by people.
An AC100V/AC200V charging system was adopted to shorten the charging time. The MC-β can be charged by using a conventional, public EV charging stand.
The MC-β is scheduled to be exhibited at SMART MOBILITY CITY 2013.
Honda will continue to proactively propose next-generation mobility products which expand the joy of mobility while minimizing environmental footprint, and match city plans for each community.
* A motorcycle category in Europe. EVs in this category are required to weigh 400 kg or less excluding battery weight, with output of 15 kW or less.
Key Specifications of MC-β
Vehicle size
(length × width × height) 2,495 x 1,280 x 1,545 (mm)
Maximum speed More than 70 km/h
Motor output Rated: 6 kW / maximum 11 kW
Battery Lithium-ion battery
Maximum range More than 80 km
Charging time Less than 3 hours (200 V)
Less than 7 hours (100 V)

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