Concept urban proiectat de o firma croata

DOK-ING este o firma croata, cu sediul in Zagreb, specializata in productia de roboti pentru dezamorsarea bombelor. Produsele lor sunt promovate in peste 50 de tari fiind recunoscute la nivel mondial. Croatii au mers mai departe cu proiectarea vehiculelor si au prezentat la salonul auto de la Geneva un concept urban asemanator cu Toyota IQ.
Automobilul electric XD are o lungime de 2.8 metri, o latime de 1.7 metri si poate atinge 100 de kilometri la ora in numai 7.7 secunde. Bateriile care asigura energia pentru cele doua motoare electrice de 40KW au 32KW si ofera automobilului o autonomie de pana la 250 de kilometri.


Prezentarea noului concept urban asa cum apare pe siteul producatorului:
Croatia’s First Electric Vehicle Goes to Geneva Auto Show
Croatian DOK-ING will present its concept electric vehicle at the Geneva Auto Show March 4-14. The XD has a small length (2.8 meters), comfortable interior (width 1. 7 meters, height 1.6 meters), and performance of a compact sports vehicle.
The XD is a concept vehicle that seats three adults and has a powerful electric engine that is capable of acheiving 0-100 km/hr in 7.7 seconds. Such performance is typically only found in compact sport cars with 200 KS. Employing the latest technology, the design team completed the work on the XD in three months – a figure sure to surprise many in Geneva.
The XD has a number of impressive safety features on the vehicle and electrical system. These technologies were developed by DOK-ING. DOK-ING is known for building vehicles that protect human life and use hybrid and electric engines. This same philosophy was employed in building the XD.
The electricwheel drive vehicle is powered by 2 or 4 X 40 kW engines. Customers have the option to select front, rear or all-wheel drive. Safety features include 360 degree airbags, an integrated safety system for electronic stability, and ABS brakes. Other features include power steering, and the ability to choose sport and economy drive modes to increase efficiency. The 32 kWh batteries give the XD a range of 200-250 kilometers. Charge time for the battery takes 3 to 8 hours, depending on the charging source. The breathtaking bubble shape design has two doors that open vertically giving the XD a graceful look and excellent aerodynamic properties with low Cw factor of 0.35.
In designing the XD, DOK-ING, a specialty vehicle manufacturer based in Zagreb, used its experience as a global leader in manufacturing specialized vehicles. Technology developed in manufacturing remote-controlled, diesel, hybrid, and electric powered machines for the demining, firefighting and underground mining industries proved to be key to finding the right technological solutions as well as the safety features for the electric car.
Future production of the concept car will be based on „tailor-made“ orders or serial in cooperation with a strategic partner.

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