Un Smart de la Volkswagen

Kauré Martins, Rogério Okabe, Guilherme Motta si Wadson Gomes Amorim, castigatorii concursului „Talento Volkswagen Design 2008” au desenat un vehicul pe care se poate monta diverse motoare si transmisii produse de grupul auto german.
Automobilul are o lungime de 2.5 metri, seamana destul de mult cu Smart, mai ales daca este privit din punct al utilitatii, si este construit, asa dupa cum spun creatorii sai, in jurul soferului. Daca va fi pus in practica, noul vehicul ar putea primi motorizari pe bioetanol, foarte utilizat in Brazilia, precum si motoare electrice.

Comunicatul de presa (in limba engleza)
Volkswagen IN Concept: Product Description
Project developed by the interns of Volkswagen Design Brazil, winners of the „Talento Volkswagen 2008” contest. Aimed at developing the professional, creative and entrepreneur skills. Bringing fresh ideas to the company and a new mobility proposal.
We live in a time of changes in man-object relations. People wear not only with clothes, but with everything they consumes, seeing beyond the physical atmosphere of the products to absorb their values and concepts.
The proposal of Volkswagen IN is to align global trends for the development of the automotive industry, thinking of a car for nowadays that aims to minimize the traffic-jam of big cities, applying the concepts of sustainability and customization, creating a compact and versatile car, that fills most of the needs through creative solutions and especial materials.
Bringing the successful concept of the Volkswagen FOX called „Designed Around the Passenger”, this project try to went a step forward, creating a 2.5 meters car for two people plus luggage, with the same comfort of the Volkswagen FOX, but with a clever use of each free space inside this, optimizing the relations between one person and the size which a car need to have to transport him.
This micro car takes advantages of the plug-in hybrid Technologies and in-wheels electric engines to provide even more inner space, and moreover this project contemplates the use of a small combustion engine fueled by ethanol, getting closer to the reality of small developing countries.
Innovating in an automotive product is not only to create an attractive shape, but also to rethink the solution for problems caused by this product. Acting effectively on solutions for the society, environment and mobility, considering individual desires of each customer, is the best way for a successful product.
Despite of the age or the needs of each user, this car is the answer for all those who increasingly are concerned with saving time and the environment.

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