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Tesla Model S P100D va prinde suta în 2.4 secunde

Tesla Model S P100D va primi un update de software ce-i va crește perforformanțele dinamice. Conform unei postări puse pe Twitter chiar de Elon Musk, Tesla Model S P100D va ajunge la 100km/h în numai 2.4 secunde, întrecând multe dintre automobilele sport cu prețuri de peste 200.000 de dolari. Automobilul Tesla Model S P100D va […]

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Announces New Designs, Crowdstorming Document and Core Tea

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. powered by JumpStartFund announced today the crossing of major milestones, bringing the company closer to the goal of creating a working high speed mass transit system. These milestones include the finalization of the company’s 100 core team members and the publishing of a new crowdstorm document. Recently acquiring its 100 core […]

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